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Q™ Roasting Pack
Designed for Q2000N, Q2200N, Q2600N+, Q2800N+ (Pack contains 1 trivet and 2 convection trays)

Roasting and baking on your Weber Q barbecue has never been so easy. The roasting trivet and convection trays instantly transform your Weber Q from direct grilling to indirect cooking your favourite roasts and baked foods. The design of the BBQ trivet and convection trays allow for heat to circulate around the food for perfectly even cooking. When roasting meats, the fats and drippings fall onto the tray, and create smoke and flavour, whilst the excess drippings are channelled away from the burners.

Safety tip: Please avoid reusing Weber Q convection trays for roasting meat multiple times, as residual fats can pose a fire hazard. However, feel free to reuse them safely for baking, preparing pizzas, and crafting desserts. Stay safe and enjoy your BBQ experience!

Trivet - Stainless steel wire / Convection trays - Aluminium foil
Pack of 3 items
Care Instructions
Dishwasher safe, can use scourer/steel wool

Q2000N, Q2200N, Q2600N+ & Q2800N+ gas barbecues.
Not suitable for Q2000, Q2200, Q200 series gas barbecues. For Q200/Q2000/Q220/Q2200 use 991161.