Large Format Grilling Basket

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WEBER CRAFTED Grilling Basket

Bring your kitchen outside, and create food never thought possible in your barbecue, with the WEBER CRAFTED Outdoor Kitchen Collection. Simply replace your right-side cooking grill with the WEBER CRAFTED Grilling Basket to perfectly caramelize veggies, delicate seafood, and smaller pieces of meat. WEBER CRAFTED compatible barbecue, frame, and cooking grills required for use. ?

• Roast small, delicate food without it falling through the grill
• WEBER CRAFTED frame and cooking grills required
• Helps with heat circulation for perfectly roasted veggies
• Dishwasher safe, stainless-steel construction
• Confirm that your barbecue is compatible with WEBER CRAFTED grillware
Part Number #7673


Out Of Carton Dimensions
5.08cm H x 43.69cm W x 41.4cm D

Stainless steel

Care Instructions
Dishwasher Safe

GENESIS 2022 and Spirit EX-315/EX-335 gas barbecues with WEBER CRAFTED cooking grills and frame kit