Baby Q Premium Barbecue And Cart Cover Q1x00n Q2x00n

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Baby Q® and Q™ Premium Barbecue and Cart Cover
Designed for Q1000N, Q1200N, Q2000N, Q2200N, Q2600N+, Q2800N+

Keep your barbecue and cart in top shape and protect it from the harsh outdoor elements with this full-length Baby Q and Q series premium BBQ and cart cover. It includes fastening straps to keep it from blowing off, and its lightweight, durable material is water and UV resistant.

Out Of Carton Dimensions
26.5cm H x 6.2cm W x 17cm D
100% polyester
Care Instructions
Spot clean only
Q1000N, Q1200N, Q2000N, Q2200N, Q2600N+, Q2800N+ gas barbecues, Not suitable for Q1000/Q2000, Q1200/Q2200, Q100/Q200 series gas barbecues. For Q100/Q1000 and Q200/Q2000 use 7113.