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Watercell X 6l Grey

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Sea to Summit’s Watercell X is your complete water storage and dispensing solution for trail, road and water-based adventures.

Our Watercell X combines smart design, robust materials and ultimate functionality to create a unique soft-cell multi-use water storage and dispensing solution.Its compact 3D shape and internal baffle design makes it manageable and easy to fill, stow, stack, hang and drain.

The unique multi-function low-profile cap combines flow-control, an easy to fill standard wide-mouth opening and extra-small shower attachment for complete versatility on the trail. Its waterproof webbing strap provides adjustable handles for carrying, multiple lashing point options, and a hook buckle for effortless hanging.

The strategically positioned fill-handle makes filling easy while the upright cell structure provides efficient use of the internal volume and allows the Watercell X to drain completely for drying at the end of a trip. Made from flexible abrasion-resistant 400D nylon fabric and RF welded seams for ultimate strength, reliability and packability. The food-grade TPU lining is BPA and PVC-free.

* Strong RF welded 3D shape with internal baffle for ease of use and compact packing
* Multi-function cap with customisable flow-control and standard wide-mouth opening
* Adjustable webbing strap system for carrying, lashing and hanging
* Extra-small shower fitting attaches to webbing strap for safekeeping
* Food-grade TPU lining is BPA, and PVC-free
* Made from flexible and abrasion-resistant 400D nylon fabric for durability and easy packing
* BEST USE: Expeditions, Bike Packing, 4WD Touring, Paddle Trips, Van Life, Camping, Backpacking.