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Tumbler Delta Light 2 Pack

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Designed to be stackable and packable, the DeltaLight Tumbler’s unique ovalised shape makes it easy for it to be stored away on its side—allowing these compact cups to be nested inside our DeltaLight Bowls and Alpha Pots. With a generous 350ml capacity and handy volumetric measure that includes standard pours for shots and wine (you’re welcome), this outdoor tumbler is ideal for soda, beer, wine or mixed drinks. Made from tough and light BPA-free, food-grade transparent Tritan™, its fluted sidewalls provide a comfortable grip, even with hot drinks.

Unique low-profile ovalised shape for excellent packability
Impact-resistant and safe alternative to glassware
Fluted sidewalls reduce heat transfer of hot beverages
Made from tough, light and BPA-free Tritan™ co-polyester
Handy volumetric scale that includes shot and wine measurements
Two straight sidewalls allow Tumbler to nest inside our DeltaLight Bowls and Alpha Pots
Generous 350ml volume suits bottled beer, wine and sodas
BEST USE: Daytrips, Camping, Picnics, Sailing, 4WD Touring, Bike Packing, Backpacking.