Traveler Compact Cover

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Traveler Compact Cover

Whether you’re storing your Traveler at home, loading it up in the back of the car or wheeling it back after a big adventure, the Weber Traveler Compact Cover keeps everything clean, safe and secure. Made with hard wearing coated nylon, the compact cover leaves the Traveler’s wheels open, allowing easy transporting between trips. Following the contours of the Traveler, secured with a heavy-duty zip to ensure a snug fit, the compact cover will protect your Traveler at both home or away.

• Designed to be used with the Traveler with the stand in collapsed (lowered or storage) state
• Snug fit minimises dirt, dust or damage when transporting your Traveler
• The cover keeps wheels exposed to allow easy transport with cover in place
• Made with hard wearing coated nylon
• It’s recommended to remove used drip pans before using the cover for transport or storage

Out Of Carton Dimensions
22cm H x 60cm W x 95cm D

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