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Coleman 2 Burner Dual Fuel Powerhouse Stove

No matter the weather, you can cook a hearty meal for outdoors on the reliable and versatile 2 Burner Dual Fuel Powerhouse Stove from Coleman.

Providing great performance in the wind, this stove also eliminates the need to carry bulky gas bottles when camping. This stove will run on unleaded petrol, shellite or Coleman camp fueland one tank of fuel will keep it operating for 2.3 hours on high. It’s got a durable steel case, a heavy-duty nickel chrome grate that’s removable for easy cleaning, and wind baffles to shield the flame from the elements. There’s a 9,000 BTU burner and one 8,000 BTU burner that can boil a litre of water in just 3.5 minutes, and the cooking power is fully adjustable.

Ditch the gas bottles forever, and cook all your brekkies, lunches and dinners on the handy 2 Burner Dual Fuel Powerhouse Stove from Coleman.

Dual fuel cooking for the hardcore camper
Boils 1lt of water in 3.5 mins
Very durable steel case
Fully adjustable cooking power
Wind baffles shield flame from weather
Heavy duty nickel chrome grate is removable for easy cleaning
Equipped with on 9,000 BTU burner and one 8,000 BTU burner
Boils a litre of water in 3.5 minutes (main burner)
Durable textured steel case
One tank of fuel operates for approx 2.3 hours on high
Operates on Coleman® Fuel, Shellite or unleaded petrol

In Use Dimensions:63L x 46W x 45.5H cm
Packed Dimensions:55.5L x 34.5W x 16H cm
Material: Steel
BTU Per Burner:1 x 8000 | 1 x 9000
No. of Burners:2
Fuel Type:Shellite | Unleaded
Fuel Consumption:1.6 Litres of Shellite or Unleaded runs both burners on high for 2.3 hours
Ignition:Manual | Requires Priming
Weight:6.12 Kg
Warranty:5 Years