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Bigfish REPEL range has all the features of our normal fabric (soft, cool, lightweight, durable and UPF50) but now you’ll also be repelling 95% mosquitoes and other biting insects at the same time, cast after cast, all day and all night.

The new BFMaxflow REPEL is an advanced formula, micro-emulsion treatment that ensures almost perfect transfer from the aqueous phase of the repellant to bond to fabric. It’s very effective at repelling, in fact it’s so good that it’ll retain 80% efficacy even after 50-70 washes. For most, that’s an incredible amount of days on the water and still be 80% effective after all that fish, wash and wear!

Our “Champion” collar/cut has many advantages over traditional “polo” style shirts:
• Perfectly suited to wearing our Fish Headz for additional weather protection
• No sunburn in the traditional “V” of the neck
• No “collar flap” at high speeds or windy conditions
• Lightweight feel without the collar