Q And Family Q Smoker Box Set Q2x00n Q3x00n

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Q™+ and Family Q®+ Smoker Box and Trivet Set

Designed for Q2600N+, Q2800N+, Q3100N+, Q3200N+, Q3600N+ (Set of 2)

This smoker box and trivet set is designed especially for use with the Q+ and Family Q+ series (3rd Gen) barbecues, allowing you to add delicious smoked flavours when cooking low and slow or when roasting. Experiment with different flavour experiences by adding Weber’s Firespice wood chips for meat, fish, poultry and more.

Part Number #1500336


Out Of Carton Dimensions5cm H x 15cm W x 62cm D
Material - Stainless steel
Quantity - Set of 2 items
Care Instructions - Hand wash with soapy water
Fits - Q2600N+, Q2800N+, Q3100N+, Q3200N+, Q3600N+ gas barbecues