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Pot XPot 4.0L Navy

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Sea to Summit X-Pot™ 4L

Camping pots and pans often take up a lot of room in the kit. Well, the high-tech Sea to Summit Collapsible X-Pot 4L won't.

Made with a hard-anodised aluminium base fused to flexible food grade silicone sides, the X-Pot cooks in an efficient and versatile manner. When you’re done, the pot collapses down to just 4.5cm in height and leaves space to store two X-Plates, two X-Bowls, and two X-Mugs inside.

Cleverly designed with a clear BPA free lid that incorporates a strainer, a heatproof handle and handy tabs on the side that not only facilitates easy handling of the pot but keeps everything secure in transit.

  • Durable hard-anodised aluminium base
  • Food grade heat-resistant silicone sides
  • Clear BPA-free lid with strainer
  • Heatproof handles on sides and lid
  • Handles secure lid when in transit
  • Stores two X-Plates, X-Bowls, X-Mugs inside