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Mexicana Seasoning 250g

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BRZ Food Mexicana

Australian Barbecue Awards 2nd Place - LAMB 2022
Product Description

Spice up your BBQ meats with BRZ Food Mexicana spice. The Mexicana flavouring is one of several Latin American themed seasonings that is the South Australian company's most creative blend for a unique addition to your kitchen cupboard.

A twist of cocoa
Enrich your chosen meat with a hint of cocoa as the Mexicana spice gives it a deeper flavour. The complex fruity, floral and slightly bitter note of the cocoa particularly enhances char-grilled meats and works well with pork, chicken or any kind of barbecue meat.

Slightly fiery
Heat up any Sunday grill when you marinate food in the Mexicana spice as the Cayenne peppers and chillies appease hotter palates, so there's no need for extra hot sauce or other condiments.

Authentic taste
Bring a piece of Mexico to your table with the spice based on one of Mexico's national dishes and the most famous mole sauce — Mole Pablano — an ancient dish to the state of Puebla. Its numerous ingredients, including chocolate, perfectly balance each other so flavours like cayenne and chilli peppers do not dominate the seasoning.

Versatile use
Mix things up as the versatile use of Mexicana spice means you can sprinkle it straight onto your cooked meal or onto raw meat, stir it into a meat rub, add it to your favourite barbecue sauce as a condiment, or you can stir it into a casserole or any other dish, including potatoes and vegetables, for heightened Latin American flavor in your cooking.

Embracing multiculturalism
Broaden your tastebuds and learn more about Latin American cooking with BRZ Food Mexicana spice. The brand's mission to bring the complex flavours of the Americas to South Australia stems from a broad desire to fuse the two worlds of being both Latin and South Australian, which aims to nurture multiculturalism in food and business.