Mad Eyes


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The Halco Madeyes 8" Flick Stick soft plastic lure can withstand repeated strikes because of it’s construction with the latest in Rubber Stretch Technology (RST). It is designed to replicate a darting baitfish, and the colour range is scientifically selected to target both fresh and salt water game fish. This 8" model in the Halco Madeyes soft plastic range features a lifelike eye, and is highly effective on a range of heavy offshore species such as snapper, yellowtail kingfish, amberjack, samson fish and trevally.

8" Flick Stick soft plastic by Halco Madeyes comes with 3 baits per pack. Constructed with Rubber Stretch Technology (RST), it can withstand repeated strikes and is enhanced with natural squid scent.

Flick Stick 8" Specs
Length 8 inches, 20.5cm
Applications Jigging
Buoyancy Floating