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The Halco Giant Trembler is a virtually indestructible, bibless minnow. This lure has a nose-weight that produces an extremely life-like swimming action, plus the loudest noise and has the strongest body vibrations of all the Halco lures. This lure can be cast, jigged or trolled, making it ideal for targeting a wide variety of sportfish.

The Halco Giant Trembler is as rugged and robust as they come. The noise of the rattles and the tight, fast action make for awesome trolling for pelagic species. You can troll them from 3-15 knots, a great lure to use when you are travelling to one of your favourite spots.

They come complete with a pair of #5/0 Mustad 3XX treble hooks. With a weight of 125 grams, they are rapid sinking and will easily cast a long distance.

Giant Trembler Specs

Product Name GT
Trolling Speed 3-12 Knots
Weight 125 Grams
Length 178mm, 7 Inches
Hooks #5/0 Mustad 3XX Trebles
Applications Trolling, Casting
Buoyancy Rapid Sinking