Light Kit 3 Bar

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Illuminate your campsite and keep those bugs away with the OZtrail 3 Bar Kit. Each included bar is 50cm long featuring both white and amber LED options. There are 15 white lights and 15 bug shield amber per bar which has a total output of 400 lumens. This kit is powered by a 5M 12V DC cable along with various other cables included to give you multiple layout options. These lights boast minimal power usage offering longer runtime to extend your battery life.

Each bar contains 15 white and 15 amber 2835SMD LEDs producing 400 lumens per bar
Light up multiple areas of your campsite with the inclusion of 2 x 12V DC power cables, 2 x dimmers and a splitter cable
Perfect for the campsite, 4WD, camper, caravan and awning
Keep the bugs away with the built-in bug shield LEDs
Extremely low power consumption ensures you can light up your campsite all night without draining your battery
Built-in magnets attach to most metal surfaces along with reusable flexi ties allow you to attach your lights in multiple ways
Bars and the connectors are waterproof rated to IP66
Adjustable brightness via dimmer control
Carry bag included

Includes: 3 x light bar, 2 x 5m 12V DC cigarette plug, 2 x dimmer switch, 2 x 1m extension power cable, 1 x 2m extension power cable, 1 x 2 way splitter power cable, 6 x re-usable flexi ties, 1 x storage bag
Dimensions Light bar: 3 x 50cm
Weight: 6.8kg
Lumens: 1200 White, 400 Amber
Light source: 30 LEDs per bar, 15 white + 15 amber
Input power: 12V DC
Power Consumption: 0.69A per bar