Lantern Mozzie Zapper Lithium

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Mosquitos and bugs can be annoying around your campsite when you are trying to relax. The OZtrail Lumos mozzie lantern takes care of the mosquitos and bugs while lighting up your campsite. Powered by a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery easily charged by the supplied USB cable. The lantern has 3 light modes outputting a maximum of 180 lumens along with the UV mode which attracts mozzies towards the lantern. This UV mode helps to eliminate any mozzies or bugs once they touch the metal grid inside.

Built-in bug zapper function with UV light
Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery 180 lumen output with 360° illumination
IPX6 waterproof rating allows the lantern to be left in the rain without damage
Run time up to 30 hours on low, UV 40 hours
Integrated hanging hook
Lantern and mozzie zapper functions can operate together or separately

Includes 2 x replaceable mozzie attractant tablets and USB charging cable
Dimensions: 90L x 90W x 150Hmm
Weight: 255g
Lumens (low): 50
Lumens (med): 130
Lumens (high): 180
Run time (low): 30hr
Run time (med): 14hr
Run time (high): 5hr
Run time (UV LED): 40hr
Charge time: 5hr (approx.)
Attractant working time: 25-30 days