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Jarvis Walker Bait and Fillet Knives have razor sharp blades that will cut through bait or fish with incredible ease. The handles allow a solid and comfortable grip. Jarvis Walker Bait and Fillet Knives are a must in every tackle box.

Jarvis Walker Bulk Knives come in two sizes. The Jarvis Walker Bait Knife and the Jarvis Walker Fillet Knife. Each knife stands out as value for money. For the best bait presentation and the easiest bait preparation, you have the Jarvis Walker Bait Knife. The 4” knife is ideal for small baits. The Jarvis Walker Fillet Knife with its longer 7” blade is great for cutting the cleanest of fillets with ease.

Jarvis Walker Bait and Fillet Knives come with a sheath to protect the blades from damage and corrosion.