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The Nitro Stealth Jighead sets a new benchmark in jighead design. The Nitro Stealth Jig is designed for anglers chasing larger fish on lighter lines when strength and penetration paramount are to success. Nitro Stealth jigs feature a new head shape designed to profile a large range of Berkley softbaits such as Jerkshads and grubs perfectly, with the larger models incorporating a keel for improved balance, action and snag resistance. Nitro’s trademark quad grip grub keeper is situated further down the hook shank on all models allowing for a smaller head profile, improved weight distribution and providing superior bait holding ability. Built on the ultimate Owner sports fishing hook, this chemically sharpened, black Nickel, forged hook provides the perfect combination of strength and penetration. Available in 23 Hook & Weight combinations from 1/8oz-#1 to 1oz-#5/0

Built on chemically sharpened, forged, black nickel Owner hooks
Super Quad Grip grub keeper for superior bait holding ability
Natural and balanced swim action on the drop and when retrieved
Unique sleek design for improved profile when rigged with a large range of baits
Weights and hook sizes engraved on every model for easy Jighead selection
Developed specifically for Berkley Softbaits
Designed in Australia by Matt Fraser