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Daiwa’s J-Braid goes to another level with the release of the premium braid in the line-up, the new J-Braid Grand. A premium 8-strand PE, J-Braid Grand is made from an advanced new raw material (IZANAS) and uses a brand-new construction method. The new J-Braid Grand is J-Braid’s strongest, most abrasion resistant line ever.

Four times more abrasion resistant than other braided lines, J-Braid Grand has a best-in-class short pitch fibre construction that significantly reduces line damage and failure to dramatically increase abrasion resistance and straight-line pulling strength. New short pitch construction also aids in creating an even rounder profile for optimum line performance. Rounder profile braids tangle less and perform better, making J-Braid Grand our best performing J-Braid ever.

Made in Japan and available in sizes ranging from 6lb (0.6PE) to 120lb (PE16) in high-visibility island blue & depth-marked multicolour. J-Braid Grand is the smoothest and best performing J-Braid we’ve ever made.



8 ply weave PE
Made in Japan
New IZANAS “Wet-Push” construction for a more rounded profile
New Short ‘Pitch” braiding technology for more consistent profile and extremely high abrasion resistance
Low stretch
Multi Coloured (metered in 10m increments)

Line Length
(m) Diameter
J-BRAID GRAND MULTI- PE 1.5 / 10LB 150m/300m 0.15mm
J-BRAID GRAND MULTI- PE 2 / 15LB 150m/300m 0.19mm
J-BRAID GRAND MULTI- PE 2.5 / 20LB 150m/300m/500m/1500m/3000m 0.23mm
J-BRAID GRAND MULTI- PE 3 / 30LB 150m/300m/500m/1500m/3000m 0.28mm
J-BRAID GRAND MULTI- PE 4 / 40LB 150m/300m/500m/1500m/3000m 0.32mm
J-BRAID GRAND MULTI- PE 5 / 50LB 300m/500m/1500m/3000m 0.36mm
J-BRAID GRAND MULTI- PE 6 / 65LB 300m/500m/1500m/3000m 0.41mm
J-BRAID GRAND MULTI- PE 8 / 80LB 300m/500m/1500m/3000m 0.43mm
J-BRAID GRAND MULTI- PE 10 / 100LB 500m/1500m/3000m 0.50mm
J-BRAID GRAND MULTI- PE 12 / 120LB 1500m/3000m 0.55mm