Genesis Premium Se-epx-435 LP Black

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GENESIS SE-EPX-435 Smart Gas Barbecue (LPG)
4168 cm², Black

Introducing the all new GENESIS gas barbecue - the biggest barbecuing innovation in decades, that creates a full backyard culinary experience so you can entertain without limits. Roast, bake, steam, or even stir-fry by replacing the cooking grill with custom-fit WEBER CRAFTED grillware, inspiring food never thought possible on the barbecue. And with WEBER CONNECT smart technology, you’ll receive real-time food temperature alerts, so that whatever you’re making turns out perfect every time.

• WEBER CRAFTED frame; expand your menu with custom grillware
• WEBER CRAFTED porcelain-enameled, cast iron cooking grills
• Know when to flip and serve with WEBER CONNECT smart technology
• Sear multiple steaks at once on the extra-large sear zone
• NIGHTVISION LED Lighting illuminates the entire barbecue surface and, combined with remote control knob lighting, creates superior night time visibility.
• Sauté, boil water, or warm sauces on the side burner
• Smokebox with water pan

Includes 7682 WEBER CRAFTED Griddle (bundled separately).

Grill Specifications

Main burners: 50.8 MJ (48,000 BTU)
Sear Zone burner: kW 12.7 MJ (12,000 BTU)
Side burner: kW 12 MJ (12,000 BTU)
Dimensions - Lid Open (centimetres) 160.02cm H x 173.99cm W x 78.74cm D
Dimensions - Lid Closed (centimetres) 123.19cm H x 173.99cm W x 68.58cm D
Top grill (square centimeters) 2247 cm²
Primary cooking area (centimetres) 4168 cm²
Total cooking area (centimetres) 6415 cm²
Stainless steel burners 4
Fuel type Liquid Petroleum Gas (refillable cylinder sold separately)
Side tables 2
Illuminated control knobs 5
Swivel casters 2
Swivel locking casters 2
Tool hooks 6
Battery type AA, cBattery
Batteries 4
Meat Probes Included 1
Probe Capacity 2

Warranty Information

12 years, no rust through/burn through (2 years paint excluding fading or discoloration)
Lid assembly
12 years, no rust through/burn through (2 years paint excluding fading or discoloration)
Stainless steel burner tubes
10 years, no rust through/burn through
Stainless steel FLAVORIZER BARS
10 years, no rust through/burn through
Porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grills
10 years, no rust through/burn through
3 years
All remaining parts
5 years