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It's a simple philosophy. Take the most reliable and efficient mobile refrigeration compressor available, wrap it in a no fuss, heavy duty steel box and give it a name that represents everything that's big and cold.
Every fridge/freezer in the Mammoth range features a digital control panel and gets its cooling power from a highly efficient SECOP compressor that is capable of maintaining a temperature as low as -18°C. Whether the unit runs as a fridge or freezer is decided by your temperature selection on the control panel, and then the electronic temperature control does the rest. This panel also controls the three stage battery protection to ensure you don't drain or damage your battery.
The Mammoth single cabinet range provides the most simple and effective way of keeping your food and drinks cool or frozen in a unit that is tough enough to follow you to the ends of the earth. This uncomplicated design is further improved by sturdy stainless steel lid latches, wide seals, moulded corners and rugged metal handles that double as strong tie down points.
Compressor:Secop BD35
Dimensions:659 x 374 x 477mm
Gross Capacity:45 Litres
Power:AC 240V/50Hz DC 12/24V
Cooling Range:+4C to - 18C
Power Input:AC 0.18A DC 3.75A/1.87A
Rated Power:85W
Insulation:PU Foam