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Is that marshmallows?

An old-age tradition of camping is toasting marshmallow. It’s the ultimate way to finish any camp day whether it’s been a frosty day or a stonker, marshmallows by the fire is always on the cards.

Sit back in your camp chair and toast marshmallows for everyone with the Coleman Extendable Cooking Fork. These extendable cooking forks can be adjusted depending on how far you’re sat away from the fire and if you need to move further away but still won’t the best gooey centre.

You can also use these over a camping grill as well as a fire to get the perfect cook on hot dogs, marshmallows and whatever you can think of. You can keep your hands cool and safe from burning by holding on to the stay-cool vinyl handle.

Bring the wondrous joys of toasted marshmallows to your camp experience by using the Coleman Extendable Cooking Fork.
Use over campfire or grill
Chrome wire extension from 50mm to 75mm
Stay-cool vinyl handle