Family Q+ Premium Q3200n+ Smoke Grey NG

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Weber® Family Q®+ Premium (Q3200N+) Gas Barbecue (Natural Gas)

2 Burners | Natural Gas
With a large cooking area, the Weber Family Q+ (Q3200N+) 2 burner natural gas barbecue is perfect for creating delicious family meals every night of the week. The + burner expands your cooking possibilities, so you can cook low and slow, or sear on very high heat. The Family Q+ gas BBQ comes complete with a fixed premium cart – making it an impressive backyard centrepiece.

Your backyard Barbecue
Create delicious family meals every night of the week.

Sleek and functional cart
With front door on the under-barbecue cabinet.

Additional + Burner
Expands your cooking possibilities to include high sear and low and slow.

Large cooking area
Large cooking area can grill up to 15 burgers at one time.

Lid Thermometer
Easily monitor the internal temperature of your barbecue.

Large roasting capacity
high domed lid for large roasting capacity.

Electronic ignition
Provides quick, safe and convenient barbecue lighting