Butcher Knife Churrasco 10

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Tramontina Churrasco Black Collection Butcher Knife, 10" FSC Certified


With the Tramontina Churrasco Black meat knife with blackened stainless steel blade and 10 inches wooden handle, it is much more convenient to serve the best meats on your barbecue and with the guarantee of a high-quality cutting edge.

Produced with a blackened stainless steel blade with excellent sharpness, it is ideal for larger cuts of meat.

Its blade has grooves that minimize its friction against the meat.

The wooden handle with rivets provides a much firmer and more comfortable handling, as well as a distinctive style.

Choose Tramontina and see convenience take over your daily life!

Ideal for big cuts.
Blackened stainless steel blade. Durable and robust.
Anatomically designed wooden handle that makes it much more comfortable to use.
Blackened stainless steel rivets.
90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.
This product is not dishwasher safe.