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- Consists of three layers of metal netting.
- Zaps insects instead of squashing.
- Convenient to kill mosquitoes or bugs effectively indoors and outdoors with no smell, no chemicals and no environmental pollution.
- Initiates static force around the net zone when switched on so whenever the bugs get in touch with the outer net they will be attracted to the inner net to be zapped.

- Grip the handle, press the switch button and the red indication light will light up. Make sure you keep pressing the button while zapping the bugs
- Dead bugs on the net can be brushed or shaken off.
- Once the mosquito touches the swatter net it will not be able to escape. It may either be drawn into the inner net or fastened by the static force to the outer net. When any part of its body touches the inner net it will be shocked and zapped immediately.

Size: 21 x 53cm
Requires 2x AA batteries (not included).