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This fifth offering in the Explorer Series guides you on 18 superb trips covering in excess of 2,000 kilometres. The trips emanate from various points of origin along the south coast. One starts from Israelite Bay, there are six out of Esperance, two from Hopetoun, two from Bremer Bay, one from Wellstead, four from Albany, two from Denmark and two from Walpole.

For those with the luxury of GPS, a total of 159 waypoints are included. Don't forget to ensure the datum setting on your GPS is WGS 84. However, the trip notes can easily be followed by no more than the careful use of your vehicle's odometer.

Accompanying each set of trip notes is a general description of the route, a pocket history of that section and specific details on terrain and camping facilities. The pocket histories provide a 'snapshot' of each section of the south coast covered by the trip notes. This briefly discusses exploration, the origin of feature names and early settlement to give 4w drivers a 'feel' for the fascinating places you'll visit.