Western Four Wheel Driver


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More than a decade has passed since the first edition of this book was published and the demand is still amazing. So, by popular request, here's the fourth edition. Obviously, mankind's century-long love affair with motorised transport remains alive and well. The continuing demand for this book is an excellent indicator of the current level of popularity of 4wds and 4wdriving with the people of Perth.
As usual, a number of alterations to the tripnotes have been necessary due to a variety of reasons including changes in land ownership, the creation of new national parks, mining and conservation requirements, re-alignment of logging tracks, new tracks obliterating the old and increasingly restrictive measures on 4wd access by government departments.

It's getting harder and harder to find touring routes through our forests that the authorities are happy for to be publicised. Once again, the challenge has been to unearth new locations and navigate a way through a maze of rules and regulations to retain as many trips as possible within easy reach of the metropolitan area. While most managers agree that 4wdriving is a legitimate leisure activity, especially when the often historic routes being followed are an important part of our heritage, the prevalence of dieback fungus in our state forests and on our sand plain reserves is an enormous problem that we all must recognise and help to fight by complying with the rules.

Westate believe that this edition will continue to provide pleasurable destinations and thoughtprovoking information that will assist in making your forays around our beautiful bush lands and beaches a highlight of your 4wdriving days. In return, they trust you'll care for the country you cross to keep it for your kids