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Bioenthanol Fuel 5l

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e-NRG Bioethanol Fuel

e-NRG is the highest quality bioethanol fuel available.Formulated for use in ventless bioethanol fireplaces, e-NRG is the cleanest, most efficient liquid ethanol fuel on the market and produces the best flame each and every time. Each carton contains 20L of e-NRG bioethanol packaged in 4 x 5L bottles. For your safety, our bottles come fitted with a flame arrester.

Key Features

Best Flame
e-NRG is specifically formulated to produce a vibrant orange flame.

Clean Burning
Lose the chimney and the flue and keep the heat in - no smoke, no soot, no ash.

Lowest Odour
We use only the highest quality ingredients for the purest experience.

Longest Burning Time
Tested against a multitude of formulas to ensure it burns for the longest time.

Flame Arrester
Our bottles are fitted with a flame arrester which makes it the safest available.