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Beef Bomber Magic Rub 250g

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Meat Lab Beef Bomber

Product Description

Drop a flavor bomb into any beef dish with Beef Bomber BBQ Rub. With a base of salt and pepper, blended with spices and a slight hint of coffee, it’s enough to make your tastebuds dance.

Start by patting your meat dry with a paper towel, and then add a coat of beef bomber. Leave to activate for 10 minutes before cooking and let it work its magic.

Perfect hot and fast on steaks, from Rib-eyes to Tomahawks, Flank to Tri-Tip Or low and slow in the smoker or slow cooker with Shank or Chuck. You can even pack the flavor into any mince dish like spaghetti or lasagna.

Take your beef game to the next level and add some magic with Beef Bomber.