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Barbecue Spit Kit

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Experience the art of rotisserie cooking with our Deluxe BBQ Spit Kit. It suits most 3-6 burner hooded barbecues. With a total length of 130cm,

Unlock new flavors and achieve succulent results with this versatile BBQ rotisserie kit.

DIY Application: This kit is designed for BBQ enthusiasts who love customizing their grilling setup, providing flexibility and creativity in rotisserie cooking. No welding required, all nuts and bolts included!
Universal Compatibility: Suits a charcoal BBQ, firepit, most 3-6 burner hooded barbecues, ensuring a wide range of users can enjoy the benefits of rotisserie cooking.
Adjustable length skewer to suit your BBQ Total Length of 130cm.
Elevate Your Cooking: Unlock the full potential of rotisserie cooking and enjoy succulent, evenly cooked meats, chicken, lamb, and even flavorful grilled vegetables.
Who is this for and how to use:
Our Premium BBQ Spit Kit is intended for BBQ enthusiasts who want to enhance their grilling experience with rotisserie cooking. It's perfect for those who enjoy the aroma and tenderness that rotisserie cooking brings to meats and vegetables.

The kit includes;

1 x AC/DC Battery motor,

1 x Spit Shaft 490mm (male-point)

1 x Spit Shaft 490mm (male-female)

1x Spit Shaft 160mm (male-point)

1 x Spit Shaft 160mm male-female)

2 x Prongs with thumbscrews

1 x Handle

1 x Motor Bracket

1 x Alternative Motor Bracket

1 x Shaft Support Bracket

1 x Bush with thumbscrew

1 x Short Bush without thumbscrew

6 x Fixing bolts - nuts and washers