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Every fridge/freezer in the Mammoth range features a digital control panel and gets its cooling power from a highly efficient SECOP compressor that is capable of maintaining a temperature as low as -18°C. Whether the unit runs as a fridge or freezer is decided by your temperature selection on the control panel, and then the electronic temperature control does the rest. This panel also controls the three stage battery protection to ensure you don't drain or damage your battery.

The Flexi Zone + offer similar capacity and the same performance as the single compartment Mammoths, A great addition to remote homes and for those heading away to one location for long periods, all models are incredibly efficient for their size and provide a reliable way to keep your provisions fresh.

Choose from the typical setup of fridge/freezer, or set both compartments to the same temperature to create a large fridge or freezer. It's also possible to shut one of the compartments down, which not only saves power, but is a handy feature towards the end of your trip when there's less food and drink to keep cool. Wrapped in the same tough metal exterior as the single cabinet range, the Flexi Zone + models also feature independent lids (*excluding 37L model)to ensure opening one compartment doesn't reduce the cold in the other.