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Smart Touch Portable Induction Cooktop

The Smart Touch Induction Cooktop provides a safe, fast, and energy efficient heat source which is portable. Induction cooking is much faster than any other method. Induction heat comes from a magnetic energy, where power is engaged when a field is established between your cooking vessel and the cook top surface. There is no radiant heat, so it's very safe and very easy to clean. There are 3 power levels settings plus the boost function along with adjustable temperature settings ranging from 60ºc to 200ºc. Some additional settings include a handy timer and child-lock function along with an auto shut down within 30 seconds of a pot being removed from the glasstop.

Key Features:
Australian designed and engineered for Australian conditions
Fast instant heat, faster than gas
Safe - no open flame or red hot coil
Easy to clean
Portable - ideal for boats, caravans, camping and more
LCD display
Adjustable Power and temperature settings
BBQ Function
Child-lock Function
Heating range from 60ºc - 200ºc
Low temperature perfect for slow cooking
High temperature perfect for wok / asian cooking
Slimline design
Auto shut down within 30 seconds of a pot being removed from the glasstop
12 month warranty

Dimensions: 290mm x 44mm x 370mm
Weight: 1.5kg